Rates and Terms

Here at CineCloud we understand that your project is unique, and therefore never treat two jobs the same. Our clients love that we tailor make our services to suit their project needs, no matter how big or small. We prefer to give you a quote for each job separately. However to help you have a rough cost for pricing our services, there are details in the guide below. We are adaptable to a clients budget and are more than happy to give you a free quote.

*All prices quoted are excluding VAT.

Aerial Filming

When filming we provide a qualified drone pilot and camera operator with our professional platforms. You can be sure the drone will be flown safely and the footage will be framed and recorded as required. Our cinema-grade GH4 camera can deliver stunning Ultra HD 4K video. Paired with the industry leading Zenmuse stabalising gimbal, the GH4 footage is smooth and simply breathtaking.
Aerial Filming dual operation day rate from £995.
Aerial Filming single operator day rate from £595.

Aerial Photography

To capture the stunning images our clients expect, we can produce large 20MP images from up to 400ft high! These images can be composed as desired by you, or you can allow one of the CineCloud’s team to have creative freedom. A live realtime video downlink from the drone allows you to ensure we get your shot every time.
Aerial Photography ranges from just £100 depending on the size and nature of the job.


Do you want your special event to have spectacular visuals? At CineCloud we understand this, and it is why we love to film and photograph anything from ‘big days’ to corporate events. Your event is not too big or too small for us, we can adapt our package pricing to your event needs. If you would also like ground camera work along with the aerial work, then don't hesistate to get in touch to discuss details so we can give you a full quote!


Our sister business CineCover will be happy to help you with any inspection or surveying projects you may have, head on over by clicking here. CineCover utilizes the latest photogrammetric techniques to produce incredible high-resolution, high-accuracy 3D point clouds, Digital Surface Models and Orthomosaics.

Post Production

Professional post production can transform your footage into something next level. Our in house video editors can offer a wide range of edits to the footage and images we capture. From colour-grading and de-noising to creating a fully edited video. Your specific needs will be different from anyone elses, we understand that and endeavour to work closely with you to ascertain a certain style and mood to provide you something truly valuable.
Post production packages start from £120 incVAT.

Further Details

Additional Costs

We love traveling here at CineCloud, so don’t be afraid to contact us if you are more than a stone’s throw away! If you are further than 20 miles away from us we do charge 45p per mile for traveling costs. Accommodation and international travel costs can be discussed and agreed if required.

Deposit and Payment

We like to make working with CineCloud as hassle free as possible. We ask for a 25% deposit to be paid in advance to firmly book us in. After the client is happy with the content we have produced a full invoice will be presented. We do ask for this to be paid within 21 calendar days unless we have agreed otherwise.

Weather and Cancellations

As you can understand even our state of the art drones are affected by weather conditions such as rain and unsafe wind speeds. This unfortunately means we may not be able to shoot on some occasions. If we are unable to fly on the arranged day the deposit will be transferred to a new date that is convenient for you.


At CineCloud we take great pride in our work. We handover all the rights to the footage once full payment is made. You must seek explicit permission from CineCloud for any use other than what is agreed with us originally. We love to keep our work to use in future showreels and portfolios, however we appreciate there may be special circumstances where you do not wish your footage to be used and can accommodate this if so.

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